About us

The timeless needs of shipping and the constant search for comprehensive services of specialized Logistics, led us to the creation of Cubic.

Our many years of experience in the field of handling - management of spare parts and ship supplies, the selection of specialized personnel and partners in Greece and around the world in combination with advanced technological systems for cargo management and monitoring, make Cubic a leading force in the field of Marine Logistics .

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Experience, Economy & Innovation

With personalized services, cubic can handle your shipment – regardless of size, point of origin or destination.

Through its comprehensive logistics services division, cubic can offer you the following services, which you may elect to use individually or as a package:

  • Shipment Booking

  • Bill of Lading Preparation

  • Preparation and Electronic Filing of Electronic Export Information (EEI, formally SED)

  • Preparation, Consolidation and Forwarding of Export Documents

  • Shipment Monitoring and Project Management

Delivered Packages

We strongly support best practice sharing across our operations around the world and across various industrial sectors.

Countries Covered

As one of the world’s leading supply chain management companies, we design and implement industry-leading solutions.

Satisfied Clients

Morz applies its renowned operational expertise to provide best-in-class services across its integrated worldwide network.

We handle everything for you!
  • Chemicals
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Goods
  • Life Science
  • Warehouse Logistics
  • Custom Services
  • Foreign Trade
  • Compliance
  • Contract Logistics


We want to be the most customer focused global provider of freight forwarding and logistics solutions – a trusted, valued and respected partner.


We leverage our global presence and competence in Air and Ocean Freight by collaborating with our customers to unlock value in their supply chains.


The Morz values are more than just words and definitions; they are the core of our daily business. For each of us, the challenge is not be simply believing in our values.

Ethics and Compliance

At Cubic we make a commitment to pursue our business with integrity, respecting different cultures and the dignity and rights of individuals in all countries. We support the principles outlined in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and commit ourselves to the observance of fundamental labor and environmental standards.

Our mission

We leverage our global presence and competence in Air and Ocean Freight by collaborating with our customers to unlock value in their supply chains and together build smart and efficient end-to-end logistics solutions.

First things first

All the aspects of our work processes, organization and operations are oriented towards our customers’ needs.