What is dimensional weight?

The concept of dimensional weight (also known as "dim weight" or "volumetric weight") has been adopted worldwide by the transportation industry as a means of establishing a minimum charge for the cubic space a shipment occupies while in transit. By charging only for the actual weight, lightweight, low density freight would become unprofitable quickly for freight carriers. Carriers use the greater of the actual weight or dimensional weight to calculate shipping charges, based on the following formula: (Length x Width x Height) / (Dimensional Factor). The "dimensional factor" varies based on metric versus imperial measurement, as well as whether the shipment is domestic versus international. Contact our customer service department for a more detailed explanation.

Can I pack a few personal items in with my business shipment?

No, you may not. Attempting to mix personal effects with a commercial shipment will often result in significant fines by customs officials and/or your shipment being impounded by the local authorities

What documents do I need when exporting my shipment?

Document requirements vary significantly from one country to another. However, nearly all shipments will require a minimum of (a) a Commercial Invoice on your company’s letterhead, (b) a Packing Slip, (c) a signed Power of Attorney form, (d) a properly completed Shipping Note. Additional documentation requirements may include a Certificate of Origin, document legalization and several others.  Our trained customer service team can provide you with the requirements for your specific destination

Do I have to deal with Customs when shipping ?

Not at all.  Our customer service team, in partnership with a number of affiliates, will do what it takes to get your shipment processed and released by customs as quickly as possible.  Should any difficulties arise, such as customs exams or supplemental paperwork requests, we will smooth the way for you, providing daily updates.

Should I insure my cargo?

Yes, we always recommend that you take out cargo insurance.  It is inexpensive and protects you from unforeseen hazards. We can insure your shipment upon request.  Note that you may only insure your shipment for your replacement cost, not the amount that you are selling it to your customer for. You may not request insurance after-the-fact on a shipment that has already been tendered to us and is in transit.

How long will delivery take?

Transit time obviously varies with the mode of service you select.  When you request your quote or place your order, our customer service team will give you an estimate of the transit time.  Service levels can range from very exact, date-specific delivery to low-cost common carrier trucking with a 2-3 day delivery window.  Ask one of our team members for the specifics of your shipment.

Is road transport delivery time guaranteed?

Delivery time depends on the service you choose. We offer you two types of LTL services: Fast LTL transfer and simple LTL transfer. In cases of simple transport we will inform you about the expected delivery date with a possibility of deviation of 2 to 3 days, depending on weather conditions, cargo volume and other factors. If your shipment needs to be delivered within a certain time frame, we suggest you to choose the Fast LTL transfer service.

Who will handle my order?

Your freight will be managed by a primary operations specialist who in turn is supported by a secondary operations specialist. The secondary operations specialist will be fully aware of your order and all freight-related communications. This way, if for some unforeseen reason the primary operations specialist is unavailable, the secondary specialist will be available to assist you without delay.

What is dangerous cargo?

Dangerous cargo is articles or substances which can pose a significant risk to health, safety or property when transported by air. And remember that some seemingly innocent substances, safe on the ground, may become dangerous when subjected to the fluctuations of temperature and pressure during the flight. If you have any doubts about your cargo please contact your nearest SAA Golden Cargo Office. Because not only is it a criminal offence to ship or attempt to ship undeclared and incorrectly packaged dangerous cargo, it could also result in a fatal accident. Please make sure that all potentially dangerous cargo is declared, labelled and packed correctly.

Does size matter for air shipment?

Yes, Air freight is based on both the actual weight and volumetric weight of the cargo.

What is the maximum size or weight?

This depends on the method of dispatch, the origin and the destination and can be advised upon request. It also depends on the air carrier, so please ask us.

Generally speaking, as the weight and size increase so will the cost. If your cargo is oversized or requires special handling, kindly ask us about special rates.